PMi Systems Integrators
Customer Satisfaction Summary

Description of Net Satisfaction Index (NSI):

The NSI score is based on the question:

How satisfied are you with the overall performance of PMi Systems Integrators
in servicing your account?

Scale Weight

Completely Satisfied 10 100
9 90
8 80
7 70
6 60
Neutral 5 50
4 40
3 30
2 20
1 10
Completely Dissatisfied 0 0

The score reflects the weighted response of customers in each of these
distinct categories.

Net Satisfaction Index = 94
Margin of Error = 4.02

Total Customers Sampled = 10

Interviewing Conducted 09/27/01-11/26/01

The margin of error or confidence interval for your 2001 measurement was calculated at a 90% level of confidence.

The confidence interval is the margin of error extending on either side of a sample statistic (in this case, Overall NSI) which is likely to include your NSI if 100% of your customers were interviewed. The confidence interval is an expression of the probability that a particular confidence interval includes your total population NSI. Therefore, if your 2001 NSI was 80, with a margin of error of 5, you can be 90% confident that if all of your customers were interviewed, your NSI would be between 75 and 80.