PMi Systems Integrators - 2002 IBM Beacon Awards Finalist
Greatest Mid-market Success - Announced 18 February 2002

PMi Systems Integrators, "provided an e-business infrastructure that drives the entire business of Application Service Provider Leveraging IBM Start Now e-Commerce Solutions and the expertise of its IBM Certified for e-Business Designers, PMi provided a fast, affordable and highly scalable solution for automated self-service that ServeOnLine can offer to its growing customer base."

The IBM Beacon Awards recognize the leaders of the e-business revolution -- the IBM Software Business Partners worldwide who have excelled in providing outstanding e-business solutions and services to customers based on IBM, Lotus, and/or Tivoli software technologies.

The seven awards for 2002 included:
" Best Websphere e-business Solution
" Excellence in Partnering
" Best Leveraging Information for Competitive Advantage Solution
" Greatest Innovation in e-business
" Best Managing Technology Solution
" Greatest Mid-market Success
" Distinguished Achievement Awards

Greatest Mid-market Success
This award recognizes the Business Partner achieving the greatest
results in the Mid-market customer space by leveraging IBM's Small
and Medium Business Marketing and Enablement Programs. The winner
of this award has demonstrably used IBM marketing and enablement
offerings, such as Start Now Solutions for e-business and other
Geography-specific marketing programs, to drive significant revenues
in the Mid-market. Key measurements of your success include improved
ROI, number of accounts in which the Start Now program or other
geography-specific Mid-market program was sold, and the ability
to achieve 100% or more of your IBM Midmarket sales target for 2001.

" Joe Panettieri, former Editor, Smart Partner
" Douglas Lynn, Meta Group
" Gerald Karsenti, Vice President, IBM Worldwide Mid-market and Partner Sales
" Jeff Howard, Manager, SMB Marketing, IBM Software Group
" Pamela Kaplan, Director, Worldwide Partner Marketing Programs, IBM Software Group

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