IBM Voice and Translation Server

Custom Services for Multiple Languages

Localizing your business into multiple languages through the use of IBM's Voice or Translation Server is the first step where PMi can assist. PMi has software solutions in multilingual environments and in voice response as well. So if your company needs your product to reach its full global potential PMi can install a solution or customized one for your individual needs.

PMi Systems Integrators will work with you to create an integrated translation application that meets the unique needs of your international business requirements. PMi Systems Integrators understands the complexity of doing business in multiple markets, and we want to help you succeed in this Voice and Data multilingual environment.

PMi Systems Integrators Customized Translation Solutions will extend your global reach.

  • Customer relationship management: respond to international queries
  • Online marketplaces and exchanges: enable cross-language commerce
  • Corporate intranet technologies: connect the global enterprise
  • Collaboration and communications software providers: support global project teams
  • Mobile services: provide translation services on your mobile devices

PMi Systems Integrators will assess your requirements, provide integration services, and create custom dictionaries and lexica in order to deliver the highest quality translation solution for your needs.

Contact us now to learn more about how PMi Systems Integrators can help translation-enable your business at 770-384-0774.