WebSphere Commerce Suite

The perfect solution to assist our clients in rapidly introducing e-Commerce
into their company is with a WebSphere Commerce Suite QuickStart. This service is a pre-defined package that consists of technology, consulting, and implementation services to quickly deploy WebSphere Commerce Suite into production.

The QuickStart includes the following activities:

Determination of the e-Commerce offering - storefront, auction, marketplace, partner extranet

  • Creation of catalog
  • Creation of product templates
  • Choice of pre-defined creative designs
  • Choice of shipping calculation methods
  • Setting up the tax calculation module
  • Setting up the web site
  • Programming of web pages
  • Setting up the sales reports
  • Planning, technical consultation and project management
  • Testing and documentation
  • Knowledge transfer and customer training

WCS Upgrades
The latest release of WebSphere Commerce Suite (WCS V5.1) is fully based on industry standard Java technology. Support for previous versions of WCS, based on C++ and Net.Data technology, is being phased out and customers should now upgrade to the current release. The PMi team has the expertise to help you convert your existing system to the new Java based version by providing the following services:

  • Current WCS environment assessment
  • Creation of a Migration Project Plan
  • Knowledge transfer of new Java architecture to your development team
  • Pilot conversion of a few modules to WCS V5.1 compatible Java
  • Complete migrations

WCS Implementations
This customized engagement is used to design an e-commerce solution. Included are e-commerce, auction or e-marketplace architectures, navigation storyboards, user scenarios, an unlimited catalog, customizable features such as creative design, multiple storefronts, language translation and optional integration to back office systems or wireless devices. This offering targets those customers requiring greater customization to achieve business and competitive objectives. Prices depend on the business goals, complexity of the site, and the desired timeframe. PMi Systems Integrators will work with you to align WebSphere Commerce Suite to goals including:



  • Installation & Configuration Logistics
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Shipping calculations
  • Returns
  • Inventory management

Content Management Payment


  • Preparation
  • Import/Migrate
  • Structure/Edit
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Authorizations
  • Settlement

Marketing/Merchandising Orders


  • Navigation and search
  • Product configuration
  • Pricing, Discounts and Sales
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Order Calculations
  • Requisitioning
  • Shopping Cart
  • Purchase orders
  • Tax Calculation

Customer Services


  • Purchaser Profiles
  • Service and Support

WebSphere Application Server

The WebSphere® software platform provides an e-business infrastructure that is flexible, extensible and robust. WebSphere Application Server supports the full range of applications from dynamic Web presentation to sophisticated transaction processing. As the foundation of the WebSphere software platform, it provides the core software needed to deploy, integrate and manage e-business applications. The PMi team can help you determine how to create, extend or integrate your e-business applications to leverage new opportunities or reduce overhead costs.

Custom Internet Application Development
Some companies require a solution unique to their situation that doesn't fall into WebSphere Commerce Suite implementations. A custom solution can be developed using WebSphere's Application Server to help you leverage existing investments in legacy applications or PMi solutions can be developed completely from scratch. Our team of consultants provide leading edge custom application development services for new development or significant functional extension of existing applications.

The PMi team uses a Rapid Development Rationale for custom development that includes:

  • Identification of business goals, their projected ROI and their impact on software requirements
  • Development of business specifications and success factors for the application
  • Installation of required software
  • Prototyping of the application, review by user community
  • Development and programming of the application
  • Training for support groups and end user community
Product Co-Development
PMi partners with technology and product companies to co-develop solutions that complement and extend their product offerings. The PMi team has instituted a collaborative process in order to encourage and facilitate the co-development process. Our focus is on communication, simplicity, and feedback, as well as the principles of planning, small releases, simple design, continuous testing and integration, re-factoring and coding standards. The key elements of our process are:
  • A collaborative environment for the project with secured access to our developers and the client's project team
  • A task list to manage and assign tasks
  • Extensive use of forums for communication and brainstorming sessions
  • FAQ questions database is built during the course of the project by both teams and can be later adopted for the creation of a user FAQ for the client to share knowledge and tips.
  • Code is available via a secured extranet for teams to collaborate on
  • Regular training sessions to ensure that knowledge is shared and disseminated across the organization

MQSeries messaging products enable application integration by helping business applications to exchange information. MQSeries takes care of network interfaces, assures 'once only' delivery of messages, deals with communications protocols, dynamically distributes workload across available resources, handle recovery after system problems, and helps make applications portable.

The PMi team can help you take advantage of MQSeries to integrate your core applications and be more competitive. We offer customizable implementation services for the following MQSeries products:

MQSeries - exchanges information across over 35 different platforms by sending and receiving data as messages.

MQSeries Integrator - improves business effectiveness. It uses enterprise-defined transformations and intelligent routing to automatically select and distribute information to the applications and people who need it.
MQSeries Workflow - the process engine for business process management. It deploys, executes, manages and monitors the correct sequence of a business process to ensure maximum efficiency.

MQSeries Everyplace® - provides mobile workers and remote systems with dependable and secure access to business processes.

Partner Agreement Manager - enables your organization to automate interactions with suppliers, business partners, customers and e-markets to improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.