Whether your objective is to upgrade existing technologies or transform your business so that you can compete successfully, PMi Systems Integrators can help you meet the challenge. Our team offers a full range of services designed to meet you where you are in your technology strategy.

Management Consulting Practice
PMi Systems Integrators offers a comprehensive range of services to provide information technology (IT) solutions to organizations seeking a competitive edge. We strive to achieve the optimum solution that fits each client's needs. PMi offers clients experience in a wide range of technologies, products, processes, and proven methodologies to optimize legacy systems and integrate leading-edge technologies.

PMi is focused on harnessing the business value of technology. We define technology solutions to support business objectives. Our clients realize the benefits of sensible technology implementations that deliver real business results. We have professional services available on the following three strategic areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Technology Alignment
  • Business Process Assessment

WebSphere Practice
WebSphere is the universal Internet software platform that can support any kind of e-business application, large or small. Offering advanced, end-to-end, integrated features that seamlessly link to your existing systems, WebSphere solutions can adapt as your goals, strategies, and target markets change - providing the ideal base for building or expanding your business on the Web.

Regardless of the size of your business or your business model (B2C, B2B, Marketplaces or Exchanges), WebSphere Commerce Suite and WebSphere Application Server solutions will help you compete on a level playing field. Based on open, industry-accepted standards, they deliver the performance you need to get a fast return on your investment, the flexibility to integrate with your existing systems and the proven technologies to let you compete successfully in the New Economy.

  • Commerce Suiteo Application Servero MQ Series

System Integration Services

Our team designs and deploys baseline solutions rapidly. We architect them with a focus on upward scalability, and leverage existing systems. Whether you're just starting to take the first steps toward e-business or are already on your way, we can help.

The key to successfully streamlining business processes is the integration of applications and partners in your company's Value Network. The value created by integrating your business systems and connecting them with those of suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders is exceptionally powerful - you create efficiency that drives cost out of your business, generates a higher level of productivity and better meets the needs and expectations of your customers.

PMi supports customers over the full life cycle of Enterprise software evaluation and selection, implementation and knowledge transfer. Our goal is to help customers achieve all project objectives and become self-sufficient in the operation and maintenance of their system. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients as their business grows and their solution requirements evolve.

Middleware Solutions
Regardless of industry, all businesses rely on processes to achieve their objectives successfully. Whether internal or cross-enterprise, these involve people and applications. The PMi team offers a wide range of solutions to help deploy optimized, manageable and measurable end-to-end processes.

Given our team's experience with industry standard tools and technologies such as MQSeries, CICS, SAP, Oracle Applications and others, PMi is able to offer our clients a solution that fits their problem and their budget.

  • Package solution integration implementations
  • Integrate applications across legacy systems
  • Create message brokering hubs for Marketplaces and Exchanges
  • Integrate transactions along Partner and Supplier Extranets
  • Full Middleware Software Solutions

Content Management Services
Content is the substance of every business - it's required on B2C sites, partner extranets, corporate portals and just about every web application imaginable. Electronic content isn't just tied to the Web or to print. Increasingly, content must be created for multiple channels, including customers, business partners, and employees. How effectively your company manages content has a direct impact on bottom line cost, top line revenue and customer retention. As such, content is the critical differentiator for competing in the New Economy.

The CMS solutions available through PMi will extend your business by ensuring you get the most out of your data. We'll help you consolidate your unstructured data - information stored in e-mail repositories, file systems, document storage systems and multimedia and graphic libraries, into highly structured formats like databases, catalogs and websites. From contracts, proposals, marketing, and customer relationship management, through records management, correspondence control, and policy and procedure administration, the PMi team will help you define and meet your business goals:

  • Delivering content generated, edited and distributed globally, then delivered to a variety of display devices such as websites, cell phones, PDA's, e-mail and pagers
  • Maintaining a consistent message that protects and promotes your brand across a global organization and a myriad of business units

PMi believes an effective content management system should enable content contributors and site administrators to easily create content and publish it to the Web, maintain workflow, manage version control and approval processes, and deliver content to multiple devices. Our PMi team will help you select a package solution that fits your business needs, extend it by adding custom functionality and integrate it into your corporate infrastructure.

Relationship Management Services
Customer satisfaction is the number one reason people choose to do business with you. Every business stands to gain when they fully understand all their customers, from consumers to resellers to partners. A well-executed Relationship Management program can increase customer satisfaction by offering buyers products they are interested in, reducing the possibility of error through integrating applications and extending services with multiple touch-points to the customer.

The root of CRM is customer knowledge - facts about your customers, as groups and as individuals. Traditionally, companies acquire this knowledge from multiple channels including:

  • Voice
  • Person to person retail outlets
  • Wireless devices
  • Fax
  • Kiosks
  • E-mail/hat

To compete successfully, your company must take the data gathered about your customers and turn it into knowledge. The PMi team will help you analyze that data and profile your customers to identify which aspects of your business should be extended.

Our CRM team capabilities include business consulting and best of breed package solution selection and integration. To ensure that our solutions suit the unique aspects of each client, our project teams will work with you to define your vision of customer management then align that vision with the technology solution that best meets your needs.